Absent, but not absent minded…

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Absent, but not absent minded…

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I have been absent from this diary for a while.

On 30th April 2019, I turned off all future posts. On the 1st of May 2019, I moved into a place of my own, to share with a person who I thought was right for me.

One of my close friends predicted that after 3 weeks drama would rear it’s ugly head. Well on day 18, drama reared it’s ugly head.

On the 20th of May I had to vacate my home, for safety reasons. I had to get a tumor removed from my life. After being threatened, and attacked, and having my tablet broken, as well as having it stolen shortly after, I laid criminal charges against this co-occupant, went to stay by a family member, and proceeded to obtain the court papers to have this person permanently removed from my life, as well as kept away from my children, family, friends and clients.

With court papers in hand, I came home with a close friend, to check if this tumor was still here, but the malignant growth had left. It took me weeks to track it down, but I did, and I had the papers served on Tuesday evening at 11:30pm.

I have also been charged with Assault Common, with me allegedly running this person over with my car.

But finally I have peace and quiet. I can focus on building me, building my business, and reaching a point where I can financially support my two daughters.

But I think this is the quiet before the storm. Shit is on it’s way, I know it, but I am preparing for it.

In short, you don’t need the Rorschach test to prove a woman is crazy… just ask her if she is willing to sleep with me.

Where is the joy will continue from next Sunday. Already working on my next series of essays.

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