A brief visit with the doctor

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A brief visit with the doctor

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Chest pain is something I live with daily.

On Monday this week my chest pains got progressively worse to a point that I couldn’t breath without the pain getting worse on every breathe.

A few people close to me were getting highly concerned and convinced me to go to the hospital late Monday evening.

I was checked out, and advised that I merely had an inflamed rib cage. But when I showed the doctor the marks on my legs, he identified it as a bite of some kind and admitted me for testing, just in case it was related to the chest pain.

The marks looked like old bruises, and they showed up during the previous night. I check my arms and legs for marks every evening as I have Peripheral Neuropathy and as such I do not feel much in the way of pain on my arms and legs. Thus I keep injuring myself and not knowing about it.

I can literally clench a burning cigarette in my hand, and I wash dishes with just the hot water from the tap, no cold.

So the marks were not there on Sunday evening.

They drew more blood then you give at a blood donation drive, and sent me to a ward. The next day the tests came back clear. So I was sent for X-Rays. These too came back clear, so the next day I was put on a treadmill to do another ECG as well as an Echo.

Everything was perfect. Textbook.

The doctor say I am incredibly healthy and fit. My BP is perfect, my blood sugar is on the mark. No cholesterol, and she refused to belief I am a heavy smoker.

The inflamed rib cage has been marked off to excessive coughing and stress. The marks on my legs has been marked off as a spider or insect bite that is localised and will clear up. At the time of this post, the marks are 50% gone.

I have cut back on my smoking and my energy drink intake. I have made a deal with my business partner and best friend that if he can loose weight and maintain it, I will stop smoking all together.

I was discharged on Wednesday and sent home.

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