Chapter 1 – Part 1

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Chapter 1 – Part 1

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Mildred, Leah, Angie, and Ella grew up as best friends right from grade one. They were inseparable. They all had a good upbringing, went to a good school.

During high school, Mildred was a big party girl, Leah was mostly about her books, Angie was super religious and Ella, well Ella was known as the school bicycle. All the guys that went out on dates with her would talk about how easily she put out. She didn’t mind, she thrived on the attention.

When it came to the matric dance night, the girls all had the top four boys in the Rugby team escort them to the dance. They had a magical evening and after the dance, went down to a local night club near the beach for the after-party. The girls all decided to be adventurous and when the boys offered them each an ecstasy tablet, they took it. The evening went on, and they were having fun and nobody wanted the night to end.

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