Silencing the Voice of God

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Silencing the Voice of God

Posted in : Silencing the Voice of God on by : ks

I have travelled a hell of a journey these last 40 years, and for nearly a decade I have started writing notes. I am now piecing the notes together into a book.

I will make every effort to get a chapter, or part of a chapter, uploaded here every Sunday.

The book follows my journey from childhood, into religion, into drugs, out of drugs and into religion, losing my faith, refinding my faith, and then now.

The book has always been very difficult for me to work on, and it has been nearly ten years I have been working on it, not sharing my notes with anyone. So when you read it here, it will be the first time I shared it with the world.

Please understand, I am not wanting your sympathy. I am stationed in a place of darkness, and my way of processing everything is through these subsequent chapters.


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