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Life Goals

Drama ✔

I have done more drama in my life than most, and I can comfortably die and stand before Ha’Shem and state that I did my fair share of drama. SO NO MORE DRAMA.

Develop Karl

When I ran away and sat under a tree for a few days writing the essay Where is the joy, I reached a new level of understanding of the world. I am now working tirelessly to develop myself to a point that I am a better version of me.

If I do not improve myself, at least in some small way, each day, then the day was wasted.

Support my Children

Ha’Shem blessed me with two beautiful girls. Sadly, I am not in a financial position to support them, but I am working seven days a week in order to reach the point of being able to provide to their every need.

Complete my Divorce

The day I got married, and the day I got down on one knee in front of her entire school, I never once even imagined I would end up in a marriage of emotional abandonment and turmoil.

But this is how it played out, and I have learned to accept it. Now it’s a matter of exiting this painful part of my life, intact.

Build my Business

Along with my partners, we are working every viable strategy to become and remain at the top in our sector. We want to create opportunities for others to start their own businesses and work alongside us.

Finish my Book

After being diagnosed in 2010, I started making notes about my life. I have now begun compiling those notes into a book. I will make every attempt to get a Chapter up here, or at least part of a Chapter, every Sunday.

Revive my Comedy Career

Emotionally I am not strong enough for this right now, but I am working towards it. I have been writing a lot of new material, and hopefully, I will be able to come back with a bang.

Start Acting

I have already begun doing this. I find it very therapeutic to be someone else for a few hours, to leave me behind and just be another person.

Build Classrooms

I want to spend a few years driving around the rural parts of South Africa and build classrooms.

Hopefully my business will reach a point where I can leave it and live off the annuities, and also help finance the classrooms I want to build.

Buy Land in the Underberg

This is where I want to retire. Become a sustenance farmer and live off the land. Abandon the rat race and live a simple life. But first I need to leave my legacy, a future for my children, and a future for others that became involved in my Dream.


Having studied General Theology, there is one place in the world I need to visit before I die. Angkor Wat.

The story goes, that an ancient king met with the Hindu G_d, Shiva, and on the site where Shiva touched the earth, he built a remarkable temple.

Apparently even atheists who visit the temple are spiritually moved.


The smallest single island state in the middle of the pacific. It was a US base during the pacific wars of World War II.


A small stretch of coastline on the east side of South America, this is the site of a massive feeding frenzy and annual mating grounds for many of the Atlantics see mammals.


In the mountains of the east, is the petrified remains of a wooden vessel, forty cubits by forty cubits.

Though this site is difficult to get too, and not may people know of it’s existence, I wish to go there and lay my hands on what could be the oldest standing artifact of Jewish history.


I want to start in the west, and backpack through the jungle, stopping at all the tiny rural villages and hidden away temples. I want to end my journey in the east, in the State of Bahir.

Less than 100km from the State Capital, is a 2500 year old tree, which is the exact tree that the Buddah meditated under in order to reach enlightment.

I wish to end my travels in life, sitting under this tree, in deep thought and meditation, and hopefully reach the highest level of understanding of the world around me.

Maybe I will stay there and live out the rest of my life. I do not know.

This list is all but set in stone, and as my life continues, I may add or change things on this list. But this list is accurate to my eyes as of the 11th of November 2019.