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About Karl

Born in Scottburgh, South Africa, on the 8th of February 1979, Albrecht Karl Schürmann was born to parents, Albrecht Schürmann, born 5th January 1950, and Martha Magrietta Schürmann (nee Lourens), born 18th July 1951.

His parents left the post-war country of Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) to move to South Africa in 1978.

In 1982, his sister was born, and in 1993 another young girl came to live with his family, who he has seen as his other sister ever since.

Around 1996, Karl started hearing a voice in his head. Those close to him, who were very religious, and noticing the messages from the voice were profound, started to believe that G_d was talking through him.

Around 1998, Karl started abusing drugs. By 2001 the addiction got out of control and in 2002, Karl had a run-in with the legal system.

After quitting the drugs from 15th October 2002, the voice returned.

Karl continued to rebuild his post-drug life, listening to the voice and following its guidance. Karl started to live his life according to Jewish Law and followed the Jewish Life Style.

This led to him meeting his wife in 2008, and by 2009 he was married.

The voice had promised him, three children. The first to be named Sarah would be born before his 35th birthday. The second, a son, Emmanual, and the third a gift.

Shortly after marriage, Karl was diagnosed with Schizo-Affective Disorder and Mild Bi-Polar Disorder. He was medicated, and the voice was permanently gone.

Karl turned to atheism. His doctor, a Jewish man, told him he was throwing out the baby with the bathwater. Karl saw it as throwing out the bathwater, only to find there was no baby to begin with.

On the 28th of November 2013, his first daughter was born. Karl turned back to the Jewish Life Style.

Shortly after this, Karl’s wife was expecting again, but on the 31st of October 2014, they learned that the unborn child was malformed and deceased. An emergency procedure was performed. But Karl was shattered.

In 2015 a new pregnancy was on the cards. Karl, having enjoyed the games he played with his daughter, prayed for another daughter, who he would name after Ruth, a princess from the Jewish Bible who was infamous for her never-ending kindness.

On the 3rd of November 2015, she was born.

In 2015, Karl was very successful in his career, and late 2015 things took a bad turn. Karl ended up losing almost everything, and by mid 2016, had hardly anything left, except his family.

In 2018, Karl realized that he was now losing his family. After a failed attempt to rebuild his marriage, and an unsuccessful suicide attempt, Karl moved out at the end of 2018.

After two short stays with friends, Karl eventually settled in a small cabin, alongside a tiny stream, in Westville, South Africa.

Due to circumstances, Karl doesn’t often get to see his daughters, but sleeps every night cuddling the teddy bear and two stuffed dogs that his daughters gave him before he moved out.