Where is the joy – Part 7

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Where is the joy – Part 7

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I have a family member who married a guy who I really liked. He had his quirks, but he had drive.

A few weeks later she left him for her ex-boyfriend, and once she was divorced, her and this guy got married.

Now the new guy wasn’t a bad guy on the outside, but he thought of himself before he thought of others. He wanted to party all the time.

One day he came home and told her he was leaving, packed his things and moved out.

This was only after she had reached the maximum amount of debt she could reach. Now she’s divorced again, up to her eyeballs in someone else’s debt, and barely making ends meet.

Add to that she has to care for her daughter, and the father will rather spend a night on the town than contribute a cent.

I know I don’t contribute much towards my kids, but I am literally living on potato and baked beans trying to get my shit together so that I can.

She desperately wants to go home to her family but she is in so much debt she can’t afford to.

Plus it looks like the company she works for might be closing down.

This is not a situation she can currently control, but the anxiety and worry torments me endlessly.

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