Where is the joy – Part 6

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Where is the joy – Part 6

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Up until this point, I have told you maybe 70% of my stress…

I am up to my eyeballs in debt, hundreds of thousands of Rands. My company is in debt, but fortunately those who my company owes money too are not demanding on that debt, but still, it needs to be paid.

At the time of preparing this part of the text, I no longer had a car. A very dear and loved friend basically loaned me a car for nearly a year and half. Maybe longer. There was an agreement to rent it, but I will be honest, I hardly made the rent on the car, but she still let me use it.

In the time I had the car my company went from borrowing thousands every month to make ends meet to now just breaking even. Imagine how different things would have been if my wife had let me use her car three years ago.


But the time came for the car to go back. My friend’s son had started a business and needed a car, and family first hey. She was audibly uncomfortable with the conversation when she broke the news, but honestly, she did more for me than most people would.

Years ago when she was battling she asked to borrow money from me and I declined. Then, when I needed it most she loaned me a car. I still remember the evening I sat in her office and she didn’t ask for much, but I declined. Cold and heartless. And years later, she could help me, and with out even asking her, she offered.

*I just spent the last 20 minutes crying. This is the first emotion I have felt since leaving the court house. Maybe this writing everything down does work.

I wish my friend’s son all the success with his new business. He too has had it hard in life and he deserves to taste success at last. Thank you to my friend who gave me the break I so needed. It will never be forgotten, and even when I have paid back every last cent, I will still be in her debt.

So not having a car now stresses me. But I have been working on that, and I have a plan in motion. But in the meantime it stresses me out intensely.

*Since writing the above text, my parents graciously bought another car and have loaned it to me indefinitely.

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