Where is the joy – Part 4

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Where is the joy – Part 4

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Her lawyers of course make demands and threats, so when I said lets meet in court they backed down to rather negotiate. Fuck it, I will go to court and get the ball rolling…

On Wednesday the 5th of March I went to Durban Magistrates Court to apply for a maintenance hearing. I was told a resounding “NO”. As the father I hold no rights whatsoever when it comes to my children. According to the law, she gets to make the decision, and I have to hope the magistrate will be willing to hear my plea. I was turned away and sent to the children’s court.

There I met a lady who listened to me. We closed the door for privacy and I started to explain my situation. A short while later, another lady came in and scolded me for closing the door. I tried to tell her that we were discussing a private matter and she said she doesn’t care.

I got up and left, but I made my anger known. There were more events that day at court, all negative and I eventually landed up in the court managers office. He simply didn’t seem care, used the excuse of how people waste the court’s time so the court staff don’t want to help.

Poor excuse.

I told him that I was quite prepared to go to the roof of a building, even his, and swan dive off. He said that the roof is locked. I told him that I can pick locks and to this he laughed, like I was making a joke. The conversation went on and I even said that I was at the point that I don’t have the strength to fight. I wanted to give up all rights to my children. He seemed in support of that.

When he sent me on my way he said he will discuss the event with the various supervisors, but declined my offer to point out the individuals who had transgressed me.

I left the court house having lost my will to try…

Now I don’t profess to have been the perfect husband. Yes I get angry when lied to or provoked. Who doesn’t. But a little assistance and recognition would have been better than complete disregard. It feels like I was just a sperm donor. In fact the best man at my wedding even warned me and said that once she had had her kids she would toss me away. So many people warned me that it would end badly. One person even told me that she had said to him she was going to divorce me and take the children away from me. And I now believe he was right.

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