Is it a trap?

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Is it a trap?

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After a heated argument on Whatsapp with my soon to be ex-wife, her lawyers sent me a very threatening email.

I suggested that we communicate through my mom, as my mom could act as a filter, but her lawyers declined and said “I” had to communicate through “them”.

Yesterday my ex-wife sent my mom messages to relay to me. My mom ignored them as per the lawyers’ instruction.

This morning my ex-wife sent me messages. I replied in courtesy, but I know I am going to have another threatening email from her lawyers. I have advised her that I will ignore all future communication as per her lawyers.

My daughters are growing up. I am missing out on this, and this time will never be recovered. I was not present for when my eldest daughter lost her first tooth. Nor when she lost her second tooth.

I consider this “stolen” time.

It seems that until I have everything put in place by the courts, I have no rights as a father.

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