Dear humans

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Dear humans

Posted in : Busi Mjiyakho, External Writers on by : ks

This world doesn’t need politicians, we need people who are concerned about their nation and its people. People who are genuinely interested in the progress of all people. People who understand that there is no freedom until we are all free. People who are unshaken in this pursuit of liberty. People whose loyalty can’t be bought.

This world doesn’t need lecturers and academics, we need people who have a passion for knowledge. People who get excited about the prospect of guiding the next generations. People who understand that the future lies in the youth and that without education and the transfer of that knowledge and curiosity, there can be no future.

This world doesn’t need soldiers or a powerful military, we need people who put the safety of all people above their own power. People who understand that black lives matter and that brutality and fear does not equal law enforcement. People who make us feel safe rather than afraid. People who not only enforce the law but also abide by it.

This world does not need pharmaceutical companies, we need doctors and scientists who aim to prevent diseases and heal our ailments. People who don’t see every new outbreak as an opportunity to cash in. People who don’t keep us sick and drugged up for their own personal gain.

This world doesn’t need priests, pastors, rabbis, gurus or imams, we need humanitarians. People who devote their lives to the preservation of that humanity. People who will spread the gospel of love, forgiveness, redemption, faith and acceptance. People who don’t see themselves above others. People who don’t exploit the vulnerability and desperation of the poor and benefit from not having to pay tax. People who don’t force their opinions and values on others.

This world is broken and divided on the basis of gender, sex, race, (dis)ability, class, religion and sexual orientation. It is our human duty to fix it. We don’t have to wait until we are in positions we deem powerful. We all have a role to play and we can all start today.

Kind regards
Busi Mjiyakho
A human

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