A letter to my daughters – 1 September 2019

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A letter to my daughters – 1 September 2019

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I am sorry I am not visiting anymore.

I really want to see you, but Daddy had a car accident and his car is now broken and with the repair shop.

But even if Daddy could visit, he can’t…

You see, Daddy had Mommy had a fight over Whatsapp, which resulted in Mommy’s lawyers instructing Daddy that all communication going forward has to be done through them.

Now the problem comes, that because of the way Daddy’s company works, Daddy doesn’t know if he will be available to visit until the night before.

Since Mommy will only let me visit you on a Sunday morning, Daddy can only confirm by Saturday evening. This is because Daddy might have to see a customer in the morning.

Today Daddy is going to see a potential new customer. Daddy has to put the business first, so Daddy can grow the business to get to a point where Daddy can contribute fairly to Mommy in order so that Mommy can provide for the both of you.

Now if Daddy was able to see you this morning, Daddy would only have been able to tell Mommy last night, but now Daddy has to communicate through Mommy’s lawyers, and they are not open on weekends.

So now Daddy has no means to communicate with you Mommy on a Saturday to make arrangements.

This has hurt Daddy, and I know you will be sad that you can not see Daddy.

I am sorry… I love you both very much and miss you intensely.



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