Dear humans

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    This world doesn’t need lecturers and academics, we need people who have a passion for knowledge. People who get excited about the prospect of guiding the next generations. People who understand that the future lies in the youth and that without education and the transfer of that knowledge and curiosity, there can be no future.


    Where is the joy – Part 6

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    Years ago when she was battling she asked to borrow money from me and I declined. Then, when I needed it most she loaned me a car. I still remember the evening I sat in her office and she didn’t ask for much, but I declined. Cold and heartless. And years later, she could help me, and with out even asking her, she offered.


    A brief visit with the doctor

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    The marks looked like old bruises, and they showed up during the previous night. I check my arms and legs for marks every evening as I have Peripheral Neuropathy and as such I do not feel much in the way of pain on my arms and legs. Thus I keep injuring myself and not knowing about it.